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General Queries

What are the things available for buying?

What types of gear are available for renting?

Do you provide the rental option for weekend treks?

Is the trekking gear available for renting to trekkers not associated with Indiahikes?

Where can I buy/rent these items?

Placing a Rent Order:

What is the Batch Date drop-down on the Order Page?

While ordering, the Batch Date on your website are all greyed out. Is there something wrong?

My Trek is not listed in the list of treks on the booking website.

Where will I receive the gear I rented from your website?

How many days in advance can I rent the gear?

What is the last date for renting a trek gear?

Which convention of Shoe Sizes do you follow?

Renting Deposit

Is there a deposit amount for renting a gear?

Where do I pay the deposit amount?

Payment Related:

What payment options does your website support?

Do I have the Cash on Delivery option available?

Why did my payment fail?

I got a payment confirmation from my bank but did not get any confirmation email from Indiahikes. What should i do?

Shipment Tracking Status (for buying only):

Can I track my consignment once it is dispatched?

Can I edit the order I placed, post booking?

Delivery (for buying only):

Why do you charge for shipping (only for buying) separately?

How much time does it take to deliver my product?

Cancellations/ Refunds:

I don’t need the rented gear anymore. Can I cancel the booking?

How many days does it take for the refund to be credited back to my account?

Are there any cancellation charges?

Can I get the refund amount in a different bank account?

Return/Exchange (for Buying only):

Can I return an order that I received?

What is the time duration for returning/exchanging a product?

Special Cases (for Renting):

I have shifted my trek to a different date, what should I do with my rented gear booking?

I have shifted to another trek, what should i do with my rented gear booking?

I forgot to rent the gear in advance from the website. Is there any way I can rent them last minute at the basecamp?

I have ordered wrong size of shoes/jackets. Can I change it once I reach the basecamp?

I have ordered wrong size of shoes/jackets. Can I change it after the booking, but before the trek?

The rented gear that I received were not in the best of the conditions. What do I do?