Weekend Trek Rentals - Shoe + Trek pole
Weekend Trek Rentals - Shoe + Trek pole
Weekend Trek Rentals - Shoe + Trek pole
Weekend Trek Rentals - Shoe + Trek pole

Weekend Trek Rentals - Shoe + Trek pole


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Avoid investing in expensive gear for a two day trek. Pick up this combo of the Forclaz 100 trekking shoes and a Crosstrek Trekking Pole. 

Points to Note

  • Choose a size larger than your normal size to provide enough space for your feet that swell up slightly after a long day of trekking.
  • The rental cost mentioned is for the full duration of the trek.
  • An extra deposit amount of Rs.1000(in cash) is charged at the base camp.
  • The gear should be collected at the base camp.

Crosstrek Pole description:

While trekking, a good trek pole like the CrossTrek 56 reduces your energy consumption by 40%. Apart from this, it reduces the impact on your knees immeasurably. The Aluminium body and Tungsten steel tip gives extra stability. The locking mechanism reduces the wear and tear of the pole.


  • Long strap for extra grip
  • Padded Handle head for absorbing sweat
  • Firm grip
  • Body made of Strongest grade of aluminium
  • Matte Black in color
  • Lightweight - 260 grams
  • Locking mechanism to reduce wear & tear
  • Snow basket cover to trek in snow
  • Tungsten steel tip

Your shoes can either make or break your trek. These Forclaz 100 shoes are made for trekking several days at a stretch. They are tried and tested in all terrain and weather. Most trekkers prefer these shoes for their simple design and excellent performance.


  • Essensole rubber sole for good traction
  • High ankle support
  • Breathable and waterproof material
  • 488 g per shoe in size 8
  • Mid-sole cushioning for extra comfort